Single Premiere and Review by The Obelisk

Listen to an early preview of the first single "Eye of Doom Pt. I" from the upcoming album "The Sapient" over at The Obelisk.

  • Single will be available on all streaming platforms August 27th.
  • Pre-order of upcoming album goes live September 2nd.
  • Release data, November 11th.
"This track is one hell of a ride through massively malevolent and eerie soundscapes, menacingly searing guitar solos, and richly reverb laden vocal textures. Ten minutes and fifty-eight seconds of pure, fuzz driven, progressive stoner doom metal from our favourite Canadians and we’re psyched to get this into your ears. 
‘Eye Of Doom Part I’ challenges the senses with its melodically spectacular scope and through pristine production, musicianship and crushing composition sets the tone for what’s to come with the band’s first full length ‘The Sapient’ this November.
The bar is high and believe us when we say ‘The Sapient’s’ five tracks are bone crushing brilliance from this three-piece juggernaut from the great white north."